Perception Is Reality

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Corporate Image Consultant

You’ve seen it. You’ve heard it. You’ve read it. You’ve said it. What does it really mean?

Perception is reality means that what people perceive is what they believe.

And, what they perceive is based first and foremost on what they see, secondly, on what they hear, and lastly, on what they think. The other senses of taste, touch and smell may enter the equation, but let’s keep it simple and focused on personal image.

According to Dr. Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA, our presentation and how the world perceives us is 55% visual (your appearance), 38% vocal (tonality of your voice) and 7% verbal (what you say).

Let’s recap: People believe what they perceive. They perceive what they see first, hear second, and think last. And, the world’s perception of us is majorly visual.

In a nutshell, people believe what they see.

Ever wonder how the world perceives you? Are you perceived as credible, intelligent, and successful or are you unintentionally sending the messages of unreliable, uneducated and an underachiever?

Working with an Image Consultant will get you to reveal the heart of the message you’re intending to deliver each day and how to hone that message through your appearance, communication skills, and behaviour.

Dressing well, purchasing brand name items and reading fashion magazines doesn’t necessarily mean you are projecting the right image for you. It merely states that you are interested in fashion and style. Take that interest one step further and find out what your clothing and appearance say about you.

With the help of an Image Consultant, you can strategically design your image to open doors for you, increase your confidence, and bring your perception in line with your authentic self, so the world’s perception is your intended reality.

Written by Janelle Long of Janelle Long Image Management.