My Why

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We often hear that “Why?” is the most important question to ask. Having worked as an Image Consultant for seven years now, I finally fully understand why it’s my life’s work. But before I get into the “why,” I want … Read More

Clarity in your Closet

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As the sun tempts the blossoms to come out from hiding, I feel a craving for everything fresh and jovial! You could set it to a clock. Spring is in the air! You head to your closet to find that … Read More

Eco Fashionista Swap

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The time has come, ladies. We will be hosting a fabulously fun fashion swap for charity! This is your opportunity to update your jewellery box and accessory drawer. It’s all about having a fun time with fellow fashion lovers and giving your … Read More

Hair You Go!

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Been inspired by a few amazing hairstyles lately. Not celebrity, even better. Real people with great colour and cuts walking down the street. Thought I’d share my take on this industry where customer service is queen. Having been blessed with … Read More

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