You’ll Be Free, When You Let Go

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Wardrobe Consultant Toronto

Clients come to me for hundreds of different reasons, and I help them in just as many unique ways.

Most recently, I’ve been on a rampage to break the bonds between my clients and their wardrobes that are bursting at the seams. For most people, many items in their closet don’t serve them, but rather harm them by grabbing hold of their emotions, every morning and night, day in and day out, again and again, for years!

Currently, there are 37 bags of said ‘stuff’ in a spare room of my house.


I hold the purged items from every wardrobe audit for 3 months as a means of easing the ‘letting go’ process. They can have them back. That’s the deal. But no one has ever wanted them back! They all end up donated to client-chosen charities.

What I have learned from my clients after watching the transformations is that hanging on to negative past events (through ‘stuff’) is a process that can destroy your life in ways you’re not even aware of.

Any of these negative rags invading your space and holding you hostage?

  • Clothes that are too small for you and become an evil reminder of this fact daily
  • Wrong items you paid a lot of money for, that remind you of your mistake
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit right that makes you uncomfortable and insecure
  • Wrong colours of clothes that reflect a tired or sick you in the mirror
  • Shoes that kill your feet, but you plan to torture yourself again cause their cute
  • Past career or lifestyle clothing where peace with the decision is still lingering
  • Past relationship outfits that strike at your heart as you see them hanging there
  • Shapeless, baggy (frequently black) knits that hide your body
  • Gifts of clothing that you never liked and never will like
  • Clothes you plan to give to family or friends to clutter their closets
  • Pieces you plan to use as fabric for a craft project eventually
  • Clothing that needs to be altered, which by the way, you still haven’t done
  • Dress your daughter might fit into one day, but you won’t again and she won’t like anyway

It is easier for me, the emotionally unattached image consultant, to reason through each item during the purging process. My clients have inspired me (yet again) to take it a step further. Once I’ve held your hand, walked you through each emotion and given you permission to let go by promising to hold everything for 3 months (while you let the perceived loss sink in) before donating, what’s next?

You’ve let go of the PAST, so what do you want your FUTURE to look like?

Perhaps it’s simply the closet clarity that changes your chaotic morning into a more calm, peaceful routine, starting each day off right. Or maybe it’s just the very beginning of positive changes. New career path? Let’s plan your wardrobe around that dream. Want to work-out more? Make fitness attire a priority. Going back to work after kids? Let’s get you looking modern and stylish! Retired and planning to travel? Suitcase-friendly social style is calling. No need for a huge budget. Start small if necessary, but focus on the future. Whatever you envision, I can match your image to your goals.

Image is the way in which you present yourself to the world. Putting on clothing marred in negative emotions and past lives holds you back. Give me a call when you’re ready to freely move forward!

Written by Janelle Long of Janelle Long Image Management.