Closet Cleanse

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Wardrobe Stylist Toronto

Looking to do a cleanse this year? Bring peace, serenity and a breath of cleanliness and organization to your morning routine by purging your closet and flushing out all those toxic threads.

Why toxic? Very simply, clutter creates confusion. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration leaves you wanting. And the wanting sends you back out to the mall to buy more stuff. It becomes an endless cycle of toxicity, not to mention wasted time, money and energy.

Why do I visit client after client owning enough clothes that they’ve considered (even if only for a moment 😉 moving their clothes into their bedroom and their bed into their closet, yet still complain they have ‘nothing to wear’? Why do my clients ask me if (insert totally dated trendy item of clothing here) will be back in style soon and should they keep it? Why is it so easy to consume but so difficult to let go? My clients have divulged some answers, which essentially simmer down to equating their stuff to success, love, and happiness.

For all those who can relate, it’s time to experience the cleansing power of a closet purge that will de-clutter your closet, your psyche and your life! This process will give you a Zen-like perspective of eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the significant.

Start by realizing that less is more…when they’re the right pieces!

Less clothing and accessories that are in the right colour, match your personal style, fit you perfectly, are in an ideal fabric and are the highest afforded quality for you and your lifestyle will ensure you make easy outfit decisions every morning.

Next, make piles of clothes and be ruthless!

Pile A: KEEP:
I wear these clothes all the time, they fit me perfectly, are good quality, right colour and fabric, and match my personal style.

Pile B: ON HOLD:
These clothes don’t meet all the criteria of my ‘keep’ pile, but I’m not quite ready to say ‘good-bye’. Also, any ‘duplicates’ of pieces in my keep pile (ie. the extra 3 pairs of black dress pants) are placed here. And, all clothes that you haven’t worn in a year or that don’t fit you right now go here. Chances are that by the time they fit you, they’ll be out of style or you’ll want something newer.

These clothes don’t meet the criteria of my ‘keep’ pile and I’m ready to part ways immediately. Articles that have bad memories attached to them, or that don’t feel great on need to go in this pile too.

Pile D: TRASH:
These clothes are soiled, pilling, ripped, too worn, or too costly to repair. If you’re saving clothing for messy jobs like painting, limit yourself to one outfit.

Finally, box up piles B, C, and D.
Pile D goes to trash, pile C is put in your car, pile B goes into storage and pile A goes back in your closet. After 3 months, take pile B to be donated. Don’t open the box. Just donate.

There are numerous other steps, such as creating a ‘needs alterations/repairs’ pile, a ‘consignment’ pile, and a pile of ‘closet orphans’ in need of a mate to create an outfit, or even the ‘give to friends/family’ pile. But if you’re serious about serenity and want immediate results, this will get you there simply and efficiently.

By purging, you cleanse your closet of overwhelming bulk, narrow your choices so it’s easier to get dressed, and create space so the garments you truly value can breathe! Yes, breathe.

Finally, when you’ve let go of enough stuff, you step back and realize your closet has transformed into a space of calm, a serene retreat and a place that gives you a surge of full-blown confidence every time you open the door because everything in your closet fits everything about you (body-type, colour palette, personality, lifestyle, and personal style). Happy and healthy cleansing!

Written by Janelle Long of Janelle Long Image Management.