Hosting an event? Looking for a unique, creative and informative guest speaker? Janelle engages audiences big and small on a wide variety of topics, including…

  • “Beauty from the Inside Out”
  • “When, Where & How to Shop Like an Expert”
  • “Seasonal Trends & How to Wear Them off the Runway”
  • “Demystifying Make-up”
  • “40 is the New 30”
  • “Express Yourself: Personal Style 101”
  • “360 Image Makeover Program”
  • Fashion Show Host

Have your own topic in mind?
We can customize a presentation to suit your needs, whether designed to address a group, or combined with fun one-on-one consultations.


What our social event clients are saying

I attended one of Janelle Long’s “360 Image Makeover” sessions and I was amazed at what I found out about myself and how I can be perceived by other people just by the clothing and colours I wear!   Janelle has taught me to “purge” my clothing and work with a colour palette and style that best suits me and my lifestyle. In one week, people were complimenting me on how good I looked, not because I bought something new, it was because I was wearing the right colours and the right style. I now feel more confident in what I choose to wear, and I am thankful for her for that! I am so happy that I participated in one of her sessions, and I highly recommend it. You can’t deny it; the truth is in the closet,


“I had the pleasure of being at presentations Janelle made at WWE (Women Who Excel) and also at E-spot. Janelle is an expert in her field, and has a passion for what she does. She is very professional, dresses the part and walks her talk. She exudes confidence, is engaging and has excellent rapport with her audience. Her beautiful smile makes everyone feel comfortable and eager to learn.”

MARISHKA GLYNNE, Speaker, Author and Intuitive Consultant, Xanadu Associates

“We have requested that Janelle co-host several events with us at Allegra Organic Spa in the past few years. Janelle is always a pleasure to work with. She is professional, engaging, and has a good sense of humour. She is extremely knowledgeable of current trends, but also focuses on strategies and techniques that bring her clients’ unique beauty, personality and style to center stage. She tailors her sessions to each individual and our clients always leave smiling!”

ROSANNA CONTEDUCA, Owner at Allegra Organic Spa & Boutique


Where to start

Your first step is to contact us to discuss a social event best suited to your needs.