Every man has a style all his own, whether he realizes it or not!

We’ll help you develop a great look that perfectly suits your personality, lifestyle, career and budget. Not flamboyant fashion, but rather a strategically designed wardrobe that brings out the very best of who you are, so you can look and feel on top of your game.


A La Carte Services

Men don’t have the benefit of makeup, hair colour and accessories. So it’s crucial to get their colours just right when choosing their wardrobe. The wrong colours can completely sabotage your look, making you appear pale, tired, outdated or hopelessly uncoordinated.

We’ll show you first-hand exactly which colours work for you, which don’t, and why. Then we’ll develop the ideal colour palette for your own wardrobe, which you’ll take with you as a custom wallet-sized guide. We’ll also point out where to find your colours this season.

Investment: 1-2 hours (includes wallet-sized colour palette guide). You’ll also learn…

  • How colours influence the way you look and feel, and how others respond to you
  • Which shades complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance
  • How to combine colours and patterns for formal and casual wear
  • The best colour options for shirts, ties and jackets

We’ll show you what styles, fit, line, proportion, scale and fabrics work best for you, which don’t, and why. Developing a style uniquely your own, we’ll help you enhance your physique, reduce your perceived flaws, and bring out the best of your personality. And we’ll show you how to maintain and adapt that style as your life and career evolves.

Investment: 1-2 hours (includes session reference guide)

Is your closet a total mess? Do you keep wearing the same old stuff over and over again?

We’ll help you strategically purge, streamline and organize your wardrobe, transforming it into an investment that perfectly suits your personality, physique, lifestyle and goals.

With this practical in-home service, we evaluate each and every item of your clothing for style, proportion, fit and condition. Some classics may just need tailoring. Other gems may have long been forgotten. Our expert eyes will show you fresh ways to mix and match with maximum impact, leaving you with a streamlined closet and outfits that work every day. Plus, we’ll give you a detailed shopping list of items needed to fill in the gaps.

Investment: 2-3 hours. Together, we’ll do the following…

  • Edit your wardrobe, pointing out what works for you, what doesn’t, and why
  • Keep only what you love, removing what’s tired, dated and unflattering
  • Identify clothing that can be strategically altered to better suit your physique
  • Organize your wardrobe to complement your lifestyle and space, combining pieces into outfits and modules that will save you time, energy and frustration

Do you hate clothes shopping? Or do you just not have the time? Imagine instead, walking into one great store after another, with your own personal fashion expert, who has hand-picked dozens of the best outfits in advance for you to try on.

We do all the legwork for you ahead of time with our targeted pre-shop. We know exactly where to find, exactly what you need, at exactly the price you’re willing to pay.

It’s the best way to shop. Because you have better things to do with your time.

Investment: 3-4 hours (includes 1 hour pre-shop). Together, we’ll do the following…

  • Fast, targeted, expert shopping based on your budget, lifestyle and needs
  • Clear and simple explanations of why a garment is right or wrong for you
  • Expertise, objectivity and assistance in a pressure-free environment
  • Custom outfit combinations, pre-selected and set aside for your arrival
  • In some cases, exclusive private discounts available at select stores.

Our Packages

A complete and profound image transformation often requires a combination of image management services. Four of the most common packages that our clients choose are…

Executive Presence Package

As a professional, you need an image that makes an immediate and lasting impression. One that helps you establish credibility, then influence and inspire others. And you need a wardrobe that looks the part. One that perfectly suits your fast paced, high stakes career.

But image and fashion are not your areas of expertise. And you have so little time. So you do the smart thing. You hire an expert. One who understands exactly what you need. We’ll help you look like a million bucks, but on a budget and schedule that works for you.

Janelle began her career in tailored menswear, so she has a keen eye for contemporary design, quality craftsmanship and luxury performance fabrics. All at the right price points.

This complete package, with a heavy emphasis on professional style, includes an advanced colour and physique analysis, wardrobe building and assisted shopping. We meet for 2-3 sessions at your convenience, home or office, and then for one assisted shop. When we’re done, you’ll have the wardrobe you need to take your career to the next level.

“Janelle is a true professional with expert knowledge in her field. Working with Janelle was more than a pleasure and the results have been tremendous. Janelle took the importance of my job and the level of professionalism I need to maintain and added my unique personality perfectly. With Janelle experience with tailored men’s suits, she was able to help me select the perfect wears to not only look great, but feel great. The whole experience of having selected items ready to try on and the level of service provided was very unique and greatly appreciated as time can be very precious to most of us. I would strongly recommend Janelle to anyone interested in creating or enhancing their look.”

IAN GALLAGHER, Head of IT Americas & Global IT Operations Manager at GlencoreXstrata

Career Change Package

Whether you’re after a new position, a new company, or a new industry, we can help you not only fit in, but make your mark, right from the start. Take it from someone who transitioned from Bay St to the fashion industry, the right image is critical to your success!

Any major career transition requires a new mindset, and a new wardrobe. We take you through the process of matching your authentic inner self, to the fresh new outer image that you need to convey. When we’re done, you’ll not only look the part, you’ll feel it too.

This full service package, with a heavy emphasis on transitioning your professional style, includes an advanced colour and physique analysis, wardrobe re-purposing, and assisted shopping to fill in any gaps. After 2-3 sessions at your home or office, and one assisted shop, you’ll have a revamped wardrobe that perfectly suits your new transition.

“Janelle helped me make a smart investment in my wardrobe.  Her retail and fashion expertise gave me a much needed new perspective on my current wardrobe and what parts need to be updated.  Reviewing what I have was a quick process, and the retail session was ideally suited to my schedule and needs.  All of the clothes I needed to try were pre-arranged and organized, with sizes, styles and colours picked out so that my shopping expedition was super-efficient!  I would have spent weeks looking for the clothes I ended up with, and having Janelle’s critical eye and her words of advice from our pre-shop meeting made the process a matter of finding those pieces that fit with my needs and style.  I couldn’t be happier with my initial shop with Janelle, and am eagerly looking forward to having her expertise and time-saving advice when I need to fill in a few missing parts of my wardrobe next season.”

MICHAEL, Director, Banking Industry

Dating Prep Package

Dating can be rough. Especially if you’ve been away from the scene for a while. One thing hasn’t changed. Women want a man of substance beneath the handsome exterior. So, while a great look is important, it needs to reflect your authentic self. Don’t waste time and energy trying to be something you’re not. Focus instead on being at your best.

We’ll help you look and feel at your best, whether you’re out on a first date, recovering from a breakup, or looking to move on after divorce. Our special talent is matching your uniquely attractive inner vibe, with an outer style that will attract the right kind of women.

This package, with a heavy emphasis on making that great first impression, includes an advanced colour and physique analysis, dating wardrobe building and personal shopping. We’ll also talk dating etiquette, communication styles and body language. And we’ll help revamp your online profile for today’s popular digital dating scene.

“Janelle has found her calling as an Image Consultant.  Her attention to detail, incredible instinct and fantastic style makes even the most difficult person feel at ease (I should know…I am difficult!). In one short week I went from having a boring uncomfortable wardrobe to being the only person noticed in the room.  I am now excited to pick out what to wear in the morning and always feel confident in my presentation.  I cannot wait for our next shopping trip.”

J.S., LL.B, J.D., Sweatman Law Firm

Online Profile Package

Whether it’s your corporate bio, your LinkedIn profile or your social media presence, your online “brand” is often the first impression your clients and peers will have of you.

Do your profiles and headshots establish instant credibility and professionalism? Do they connect with your audiences, clients and markets as intended? If not, we can help!

This complete package includes an overall image consultation designed to maximize the online visual message you send to your target audiences. We’ll meet for a private styling session, focused on your clothing, hair and body language, followed by a professional photo shoot with 2-3 styled looks for various uses (corporate formal, corporate casual, personal use, etc.). We’ll help you sort through and choose from the series of your untouched images. You’ll receive 6-8 retouched high resolution images.

In addition, professional hair and makeup artists are a popular and reasonably priced add-on to this package. Our talented copywriter is also available to rewrite your profiles.

“I highly recommend Janelle, and look forward to continuing our work together in the coming seasons. As an industry insider she knows men’s clothing (both off the rack and custom tailored), and can help you create the look that conveys the message you are looking for. She is direct and honest, letting you know what does and does not work for your body type, your personal style and the style that is appropriate for your industry. Initially, I was working within a budget, and Janelle respected that and provided me with amazing advice and options to get me started.”

PAUL K., Banking Industry


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