You want to feel confident and “put together” no matter the situation, and embrace life with a personal style and wardrobe that can keep pace with your lifestyle and career.


You want to look in the mirror and see the very best “you” smiling back. The real you. Because when you look great, you really do walk, talk and think differently. And it shows.

We’ll help show the world the real you.
Smart. Strong. Confident. Professional.


A La Carte Services

Next to having the right fit, colour is the best way to look vibrant, healthy and youthful. We’ll show you first-hand which colours work for you, which don’t, and why. You may discover what you’ve been wearing is all wrong for you. Instead, we’ll develop the ideal colour palette for your clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. And you’ll take it with you as a custom wallet-sized guide. We’ll also point out where to find your colours this season.

Investment: 1-2 hours (includes wallet-sized colour palette guide)

We’ll show you what styles, fit, line, proportion, scale and fabrics work best for you, which don’t, and why. Developing a style uniquely your own, we’ll help you enhance your best features, reduce your perceived flaws, and bring out your personality. And we’ll show you how to maintain and adapt that style as your life and career evolves.

Investment: 1-2 hours (includes session reference guide)

Stuck in a wardrobe rut? Wearing 20% of your clothes 80% of the time? Unsure how to wear those pieces you loved in the store? Tired of the same-old, same-old? We’ll help strategically purge and organize your closet, so you’ll emerge from the chaos and look effortlessly “put together” every day. We’ll transform your wardrobe into an investment that serves your lifestyle, figure, personality, and personal and professional goals.

Investment: 2-3 hours. Together, we’ll do the following…

  • Edit your wardrobe, pointing out what works for you, what doesn’t, and why
  • Keep only what you love, removing what’s tired, dated and unflattering
  • Identify clothing that can be strategically altered to better suit your figure
  • Organize your wardrobe to complement your lifestyle and space, combining pieces into outfits and modules that will save you time, energy and anxiety
  • Recommend future purchases to fill any specific “gaps” in your wardrobe
  • Additional Option: Photograph outfits / modules in a professional “Look Book” that will serve as your quick reference guide for effortless clothing selection

Do you find clothes shopping tedious, frustrating and exhausting? So much effort, with so little to show for it? We’ll show you how to shop smart in the right stores for you and your budget. First, we develop your “personal image profile”. Then, we “pre-shop” for you. Finally, we take you store-by-store to try on a selection of outfits hand-picked especially for you. Whatever you need, we know exactly where to find it, saving you time and anxiety, whether you prefer bespoke, boutiques, department stores or vintage.

Investment: 3-4 hours (includes 1 hour pre-shop). Together, we’ll do the following…

  • Fast, targeted, expert shopping based on your budget, figure and style
  • Clear and simple explanations of why a garment is right or wrong for you
  • Expertise, objectivity and assistance in a pressure-free environment
  • Custom outfit combinations, pre-selected and set aside for your arrival
  • Undergarment, accessory and make-up recommendations too!
  • In some cases, exclusive private discounts available at select stores.


Our Packages

A complete and profound image transformation often requires a combination of image management services. Five of the most common packages that our clients choose are…

Executive Presence Package

As a professional, you need an image that makes an immediate and lasting impression. One that helps you establish credibility, then influence and inspire others. And you need a wardrobe that looks the part. One that perfectly suits your fast paced, high stakes career.

But image and fashion are not your areas of expertise. And you have so little time. So you do the smart thing. You hire an expert. One who understands exactly what you need. We’ll help you look like a million bucks, but on a budget and schedule that works for you.

This complete package, with a heavy emphasis on professional style, includes an advanced colour and figure analysis, wardrobe building and assisted shopping. We meet for 2-3 sessions at your convenience, home or office, and then for one assisted shop. When we’re done, you’ll have the wardrobe you need to take your career to the next level.

“Janelle has a unique blend of straight talk and diplomacy. This is incredibly important as we hire an image consultant to be objective and see us with an expert eye – and she does. Her talent extends beyond understanding fashion; she understands colour, body type, image, communication and is able to bring out your best self. Janelle does not advise you based on her personal taste or biases, rather, she selects and guides you on your personal colour palette, shape, occupation, lifestyle and personality. I have learned so much in the process of working with her, as she takes the time to teach you, and have made immediate changes. The investment is very much worthwhile and will save me time and money going forward.”

SANDY McINTOSH, Senior Vice President, TELUS Communications

Career Change Package

Whether you’re after a new position, a new company, or a new industry, we can help you not only fit in, but make your mark, right from the start. Take it from someone who transitioned from Bay St to the fashion industry, the right image is critical to your success!

Any major career transition requires a new mindset, and a new wardrobe. We take you through the process of matching your authentic inner self, to the fresh new outer image that you need to convey. When we’re done, you’ll not only look the part, you’ll feel it too.

This full service package, with a heavy emphasis on transitioning your professional style, includes an advanced colour and figure analysis, wardrobe re-purposing, and assisted shopping to fill in any gaps. After 2-3 sessions at your home or office, and one assisted shop, you’ll have a revamped wardrobe that perfectly suits your new transition.

“Life is changing and my wardrobe and image needed to transition with it. I interviewed three Image Consultants and Janelle really stood out as an expert who was interested in learning about me, my business and how my image would need to change to support my success. As an expert in transitions, Janelle showed me how to get the most out of my current wardrobe as I work in the new pieces and create a number of stunning outfits. I will continue to keep Janelle close by and recommend her to anyone needing expert advice as they change jobs, dress sizes, or just looking to elevate their style. Thanks Janelle”

KAREN KESSLERSpeaker, Author, Trainer, Professional Coach, and Partner at ChooseRESULTS

Dating Prep Package

Dating is intimidating. Especially if you’ve been away from the scene. While you want to find someone who appreciates your inner beauty, you need that beauty to shine through.

We’ll help you not only look great, but feel great too, whether you’re going on your first date in a long time, recovering from a broken heart, or looking to move on after divorce.

This package, with a heavy emphasis on making that great first impression, includes an advanced colour and figure analysis, dating wardrobe building and personal shopping. We’ll also talk dating etiquette, communication styles and body language. And we’ll help revamp your online profile for today’s digital dating scene.

“After struggling for many years to tame a closet brimming with multiple personalities, Janelle helped me define my image as an expression of who I truly am rather than who I thought I should look like. On our enjoyable three hour shopping expedition, Janelle had me try on pieces she had scouted in advance and explained exactly why each one worked (or didn’t work). Thanks to Janelle, I have a much better understanding of where to shop, how to shop and most importantly, how to dress in a way that makes me feel like my “packaging” is in sync with my personality rather than misleading advertising.”

LYNNE EVERATT, Author & Consultant at Lexica Communications. Fitness Catalyst at StrategicFIT

Back to Work after Baby Package

Heading back to work after children? Swapping yoga pants for office attire? We can help!

Working within your budget, we’ll get you up-to-date with the appropriate wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup best suited to your particular returning work environment. We’ll revamp and reorganize your closet for effortless outfit selection, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you juggle childcare drop-offs with making your train on time.

This full service package combines our advanced colour and figure analysis with a heavy emphasis on developing an adaptable wardrobe, an efficient closet, and an effective grooming routine. Return to work with confidence, style and professionalism!

“Thanks to Janelle for helping me organize my closet. After being off for 1 year on mat leave, I figured it would make my life easier if everything in my closet was actually wearable. Janelle did a colour analysis & helped me pare down my clothes & accessories so now everything fits, they’re in style & the colours suit me. A wardrobe audit was just what I needed. Next…we go shopping!”

LILLIAN REBSTOCK, Medical Sales Rep., Bayer Inc.

Online Profile Package

Whether it’s your corporate bio, your LinkedIn profile or your social media presence, your online “brand” is often the first impression your clients and peers will have of you.

Do your profiles and headshots establish instant credibility and professionalism? Do they connect with your audiences, clients and markets as intended? If not, we can help!

This complete package includes an overall image consultation designed to maximize the online visual message you send to your target audiences. We’ll meet for a private styling session, focused on your clothing, hair, makeup and body language, followed by a professional photo shoot with 2-3 styled looks for various uses (corporate formal, corporate casual, personal use, etc.). We’ll help you sort through and choose from the series of your untouched images. You’ll receive 6-8 retouched high resolution images.

In addition, professional hair and makeup artists are a popular and reasonably priced add-on to this package. Our talented copywriter is also available to rewrite your profiles.

“Janelle knew exactly what I wanted when I contacted her out of the blue by email about assisting with a professional headshot photo-shoot.  She made herself available to discuss options and strategy with me over Skype across time zones and she prepared from a collection of casual family photos.  We met in person for the first time 2 days before the scheduled shoot and immediately got down to some serious shopping.  While quiet and unassuming, Janelle did not hold back in giving her opinion yet still respected mine.  On the day of the shoot, Janelle worked tirelessly with a team of professionals she had never worked with before and was present at every moment preparing all of the elements of each “look”, briefing the photographer and make-up artist and giving me instructions as to what it all meant and what I needed to do to make it better.  It was a great day.  Many thanks to Janelle for all of her hard work.  Janelle is now and will continue to be an important person in my contact list!”

TANYA R. J.D., Senior Legal Counsel


One size doesn’t fit all. Don’t see a service listed? Let us know what you need.

Where to start

Your first step is to contact us to assess your particular situation and goals, and to help you choose which of our image management services best fit your needs.