“Janelle has found her calling as an Image Consultant.  Her attention to detail, incredible instinct and fantastic style makes even the most difficult person feel at ease (I should know…I am difficult!).

In one short week I went from having a boring uncomfortable wardrobe to being the only person noticed in the room.  I am now excited to pick out what to wear in the morning and always feel confident in my presentation.  I cannot wait for our next shopping trip.”


“You know you’ve changed my life, right?

Thank you so much!”

RAHEEL GAUBA, Creative Director, Corporate Marketing at BLACKBAUD, Charleston, South Carolina

“Janelle has a unique blend of straight talk and diplomacy.

This is incredibly important as we hire an image consultant to be objective and see us with an expert eye – and she does. Her talent extends beyond understanding fashion; she understands colour, body type, image, communication and is able to bring out your best self. Janelle does not advise you based on her personal taste or biases, rather, she selects and guides you on your personal colour palette, shape, occupation, lifestyle and personality. I have learned so much in the process of working with her, as she takes the time to teach you, and have made immediate changes. The investment is very much worthwhile and will save me time and money going forward.”

SANDY McINTOSH, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, TELUS Communications

I’d like to take a moment to thank you once again for such an incredible day.

I was continuously impressed with your focus, professionalism, experience, knowledge and the compliments could go on and on.

I don’t think I fully realized the emotional impact this would have on me until we proceeded through the day. Your comments, feedback, candor will not be easily forgotten and will help refine who I wish to be as a professional, thank you.

You stayed true to your promise and also my wishes while staying sharply on task and exceeding the budget limitations. I cannot wait to start using my new wardrobe!

SEAN HILL, Realtor, ROYAL LEPAGE Lakes of Muskoka

Janelle helped me to dress for the image I want to project. I work for a global corporation and also have my own business in the holistic healthcare field. I need my wardrobe to work for both environments. She picked out a range of gorgeous, colourful, and sophisticated dresses for me. The dresses are business formal, yet still very approachable and flowing, which is exactly the image I want to project. And the icing on the cake, I receive compliments from both women and men whenever I wear items from my new wardrobe.

What I am most grateful for is that she taught me to enjoy fashion. I used to dread the idea of shopping for myself, perceiving it as a chore. Now I can say that I truly enjoy adding to the magnificent wardrobe that Janelle helped me to build.

HELEN VULETIN, Lead Instructional Designer and Content Developer, ADP

“Janelle has a great eye, and is quick to connect client needs with forward-looking styles and looks.

She understands personal branding, and brings a strong business sense and deep technical understanding of fashion.

Janelle is very good!”


“To say that JLIM was exceptional in creating a memorable and practical experience with respect to wardrobe and style selection – based on a number of factors – would be an understatement.”

MICHAEL FORZLEY, Vice-President, Financial Reporting at BROOKFIELD Renewable Energy Partners

“I am very pleased with the services of Janelle Long Image Management – in fact I wish that I had contacted them years ago. It was extremely helpful to walk through various professional situations and discuss ways to best position myself and my organization. I initially thought that having someone help me shop was quite decadent – but I saved both time and money and have received both compliments and confidence wearing the outfits Janelle pulled together. I feel more polished and prepared.

Janelle has helped me have the kind of presence I require to match the ambition and contribution I want to make professionally.

ERFA ALANI, Deputy Head of Mission, AGA KHAN DEVELOPMENT NETWORK, Uganda, Africa

Janelle helped me redo my wardrobe in a current style that fits my personality.

She is a pleasure to work with, is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent eye for detail. Not only did I end up with a wardrobe I could never have assembled myself, her assistance paid for itself by directing me to discounts and helping me avoid costly mistakes. I highly recommend Janelle to anyone looking to improve their image.


“Working with Janelle has been both a rewarding and informative experience for me. After meeting with her for a consultation and implementing her recommendations, I’ve had nothing but great feed back from both friends and colleagues.

Anyone looking to transform their current style into something that will have a massive positive impact on a personal and professional level, should hire Janelle for a consultation!”

RICHARD GRAY, Private Wealth Management

“I am writing to thank you for the counsel you provided me. You have an unmatched talent for seeing the best in people and then drawing that out in the way one presents themselves.

I am seeing success on many fronts which would not have been possible without your guidance.”

CIO, Big Pharma

 “Janelle helped me make a smart investment in my wardrobe.

Her retail and fashion expertise gave me a much needed new perspective on my current wardrobe and what parts need to be updated. Reviewing what I have was a quick process, and the retail session was ideally suited to my schedule and needs. All of the clothes I needed to try were pre-arranged and organized, with sizes, styles and colours picked out so that my shopping expedition was super-efficient! I would have spent weeks looking for the clothes I ended up with, and having Janelle’s critical eye and her words of advice from our pre-shop meeting made the process a matter of finding those pieces that fit with my needs and style. I couldn’t be happier with my initial shop with Janelle, and am eagerly looking forward to having her expertise and time-saving advice when I need to fill in a few missing parts of my wardrobe next season.”

MICHAEL O., Director, BANKING Industry

“40 is the new 30” is often cited in the media and I believe it. My wardrobe didn’t though.

I was looking for Janelle’s advice on dressing age appropriate with some fun and flair for work and while at home with my family or out with friends. She delivered! We chose colours best suited for me (I was relying heavily on black and grey in the past which are not on my list) and shopped together as I learned best styles, colours and options for me and my shape. Thanks so much Janelle for making getting dressed and shopping FUN again for me!

KEELEY B, Senior Business Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry.

“I highly recommend Janelle, and look forward to continuing our work together in the coming seasons.

As an industry insider she knows men’s clothing (both off the rack and custom tailored), and can help you create the look that conveys the message you are looking for. She is direct and honest, letting you know what does and does not work for your body type, your personal style and the style that is appropriate for your industry. Initially, I was working within a budget, and Janelle respected that and provided me with amazing advice and options to get me started.”

PAUL E. K., DirectorBANKING Industry

It’s been about 4 years since I met with you, and it is amazing the confidence that has followed from everything that I learned from the session.

Honouring my personality, body type and colours in the way I dress and choose my wardrobe, has greatly influenced my ability to be my authentic self and be at my best.

Not to mention the huge efficiency when it comes to shopping and updating my wardrobe. I now have a strategy, which has saved a ton of time and money. I no longer hate clothes shopping! 🙂


Two words: Life simplified!!!

Janelle Long Image Management taught me how to use clothing styles and colour strategies to maximize my wardrobe.  Now I shop with purpose, and enjoy the benefits of a coordinated and complete wardrobe.  Thanks Janelle!


“I admit that contacting Janelle was a little out of my comfort zone at first – I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

What I got in return was some renewed confidence, a refreshed outlook and some simple and practical tips to help me manage my own image going forward.  Janelle took the time to get to know me, my goals and what would work for my budget and lifestyle.  She was professional and easy to work with – she instantly put me at ease.  I know going forward I will look at my image and clothes in a whole new way thanks to Janelle.”


“Janelle knew exactly what I wanted when I contacted her out of the blue by email about assisting with a professional headshot photo-shoot. She made herself available to discuss options and strategy with me over Skype across time zones and she prepared from a collection of casual family photos.  We met in person for the first time 2 days before the scheduled shoot and immediately got down to some serious shopping.  While quiet and unassuming, Janelle did not hold back in giving her opinion yet still respected mine.  On the day of the shoot, Janelle worked tirelessly with a team of professionals she had never worked with before and was present at every moment preparing all of the elements of each “look”, briefing the photographer and make-up artist and giving me instructions as to what it all meant and what I needed to do to make it better.  It was a great day. Many thanks to Janelle for all of her hard work.

Janelle is now and will continue to be an important person in my contact list!”

TANYA R., Senior Legal Counsel, ERI LAW, Muscat, Oman

“Janelle is a true professional with expert knowledge in her field. Working with Janelle was more than a pleasure and the results have been tremendous.

Janelle took the importance of my job and the level of professionalism I need to maintain and added my unique personality perfectly.

With Janelle experience with tailored men’s suits, she was able to help me select the perfect wears to not only look great, but feel great. The whole experience of having selected items ready to try on and the level of service provided was very unique and greatly appreciated as time can be very precious to most of us. I would strongly recommend Janelle to anyone interested in creating or enhancing their look.”

IAN GALLAGHER, Head of IT Americas & Global IT Operations Manager at GLENCORE XSTRATA

I started working with Janelle in January 2013. She came to my home to help me organize my closet. As part of the consultation she did my colours and told me the colours and styles of clothes that would look good on me. Janelle taught me that clothing could be the right cut on me but the wrong colour and that would make the outfit wrong for me.

Her knowledge and methods have freed up a lot of my time and money! I no longer waste time in stores that don’t suit me.

Janelle also helped me organize my closet so that I could see what I had too much of and what pieces I could use more of. I have managed to keep up her organization in my closet since she set it up. I have met with Janelle several times since then in order to fine tune the type of style I want to project.


“Janelle delivered a program for our second year law students who were about to participate in an intensive week of interviews for second year summer and articling jobs.

She did a wonderful job of focusing on how to dress for interviews with legal employers (the height of conservatism), but also reviewed how to dress professionally in less formal environments.

Her message made it clear that it is possible to be professional while allowing one’s personality to shine through.  Her talk was extremely well organized, well delivered, well illustrated and equally accessible to male and female students.

Students left the program with the information and confidence they needed to dress appropriately for their interviews and embark on their careers.”


“We commissioned Janelle to discuss a delicate topic with a group of employees from across the country at the BMO Institute for Learning.

Janelle successfully raised awareness on the importance of image and the impact it has on oneself and others. The employees appreciated Janelle’s guidance and took her comments to heart. It was an extremely worthwhile discussion.”

JULIE BURNHAM WARD, Vice President and Managing Director, BMO NESBITT BURNS

“Janelle is an extremely professional and knowledgeable image consultant.

I wish I had hired her years before. If I had, I would have saved a lot of money by not buying clothes that admittedly never felt right, yet I never knew why, until meeting Janelle. Her services are worth the investment. Not only did I get great wardrobe advice, she also gave me invaluable image input, specific to me. As a result, I am returning to work with a lot more confidence. I am so glad to have met Janelle and look forward to the next shop.”


“Thank you, Janelle, for what turned out to be such an amazing experience for me.

Although I’ve always felt successful at work, I was completely struggling daily with pulling my wardrobe together midst a busy household.

More than just the clothes you chose, it was the confidence and knowledge you gave me to make smart investments rather than bargain hunting. I have learned to detach myself from the thrill of the ‘hunt’ and instead look at the clothing I choose as an investment and a reflection of my personality and position. It’s now a thrill to get dressed in the morning. I never thought I’d say that! And, I am so happy to be able to continue building a wardrobe on my own with all that I have learned. I feel empowered over my own wardrobe and spending. Again, thank you.


I attended one of Janelle Long’s “360 Image Makeover” sessions and I was amazed at what I found out about myself and how I can be perceived by other people just by the clothing and colours I wear!

Janelle has taught me to “purge” my clothing and work with a colour palette and style that best suits me and my lifestyle. In one week, people were complimenting me on how good I looked, not because I bought something new, it was because I was wearing the right colours and the right style. I now feel more confident in what I choose to wear, and I am thankful for her for that! I am so happy that I participated in one of her sessions, and I highly recommend it.

You can’t deny it; the truth is in the closet!


“Thanks to Janelle for helping me organize my closet. After being off for 1 year on mat leave, I figured it would make my life easier if everything in my closet was actually wearable. Janelle did a colour analysis & helped me pare down my clothes & accessories so now everything fits, they’re in style & the colours suit me. A wardrobe audit was just what I needed. Next…we go shopping!”


“Janelle is a genuine professional with the right expertise and insight that makes her an exceptional image consultant. She got right on board with what I wanted to achieve and guided me with colour, style and wardrobe recommendations unique for me. I’m looking forward to my next shopping trip!”

TRISH PETERSEN, Director, Thermography Clinic Oakville


“Janelle has a way of making colours and fit make sense. She helped my Mother re-vamp her wardrobe after having lost 30 pounds by giving her advice on colour, sizing, tailoring and details. As our session progressed, I could see my Mom’s face start to light up and get excited. She is ready to celebrate her weight loss with a whole new image. Thanks Janelle!”

KAREN NEILL, Founder/Owner & Registered Physiotherapist at ELLEPHYSIO

“Janelle is very knowledgeable and professional. Janelle took me on the most efficient shopping excursion I have ever experienced and guided me to the right decisions expertly. Janelle selected clothing for me to try that I would never have taken off the rack and they ended up being the pieces that I look good in and, more importantly, feel great in. I would highly recommend Janelle.”

FIONA ANTHES, Senior Manager at AB SCIEX (formerly MDS SCIEX)

“Janelle is an image consultant who ensures that your inner beauty matches your outer presentation, with a unique understanding of each client that ensures your best self is the final result.”

DR. AOIFE EARLS, Naturopathic Doctor

“I hired Janelle for a speaking engagement for the male employees at Brookfield Asset Management. Seminar highlights were: the 3 main sections of your wardrobe, how to build them intelligently and efficiently, and how to project them into the image you want. The seminar was dedicated to taking their current professional image and leveraging it to position themselves for success. The guys all loved it and the presentation slides were awesome….thank you Janelle. We’ll be having you back!”


“My shopping experience with Janelle was fantastic! She knew exactly what I needed and chose the right colours and appropriate clothing to suit my body type. Janelle is very talented and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services to all.”

SANDY EWING, Health Care Consultant

“Janelle, is a professional and strives to understand the unique needs of her clients. She has assisted me multiple times with absolutely outstanding results. I would and have recommended her services over and over!”

KAREN GRANT, Vice President, Operations at BEST DOCTORS CANADA

“Janelle is amazing to work with. She really cares about her clients and is honest and up to date with what is in the stores. I have hired Janelle on more than one occasion. The first time I worked with Janelle, she whizzed through my closet and helped me to create many different outfit options from what I already had, and get rid of what was no longer needed. I have also shopped with Janelle on a number of occasions. She makes it fun and easy! She is direct, honest and on spot with the latest trends that suit you… She is respectful of budget. I would highly recommend Janelle. Thank you Janelle!”

MICHELLE WOOLLINGS MAGEE, Principal at MWM Communications

“After struggling for many years to tame a closet brimming with multiple personalities, Janelle helped me define my image as an expression of who I truly am rather than who I thought I should look like. On our enjoyable three hour shopping expedition through the fall foliage of Sherway Gardens, Janelle had me try on pieces she had scouted in advance and explained exactly why each one worked (or didn’t work). Thanks to Janelle, I have a much better understanding of where to shop, how to shop and most importantly, how to dress in a way that makes me feel like my “packaging” is in sync with my personality rather than misleading advertising.”

LYNNE EVERATT, Published Author & Consultant with Lexica Communications & Fitness Catalyst at StrategicFIT

“Janelle’s professionalism is outstanding and her knowledge of fashion is exceptional. When Janelle walks into a room, everyone takes notice. That is what I strive for, so I threw out my entire wardrobe and started from scratch! (Not that Janelle suggested I be so extreme, but I just wanted to do it right!) As a professional I need to look my best and now I feel amazing, not dreadful, putting outfits together, regardless if the event is professional or personal. Thanks Janelle!”

ODETTE LAURIE, Founder of Business Women on Top

“I had the great pleasure of working with Janelle and experiencing first hand her intuitive and instinctual talents. Before Janelle I can honestly say I felt a great disconnect between the person I am with the person I was portraying through my appearance. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. After working with Janelle, my understanding of how to bridge my inner self with my appearance in a harmonious way, and more importantly, in a functional way, has created a lasting and positive impression. I found Janelle to be very attentive and understanding of my requirements and lifestyle. Her attention to detail, her in depth knowledge and experience, and her creativity are second to none. I loved working with Janelle so much so that we’ll be doing a Fall shopping spree, which coming from a person who doesn’t like shopping, is a big deal! Shopping with Janelle should be on everyone’s bucket list!”

LENA GALLAGHER, Area Manager & Independent Consultant at Arbonne International

“I worked with Janelle to figure out the best way to dress to present myself in a “non threatening way” to my clients and prospective customers. As an accountant providing business coaching services it is very important for me to fit the role yet not intimidate my clients. Janelle did a great job in picking out the right styles and colours for me to wear. She even took me on a shopping trip…and ended up buying things that fit the image I was looking for….clothes that I would never have thought about buying on my own.”

GARY OLYNIK, CMA, Controller at AccountsPlus.ca

“Life is changing and my wardrobe and image needed to transition with it. I interviewed three Image Consultants and Janelle really stood out as an expert who was interested in learning about me, my business and how my image would need to change to support my success. As an expert in transitions, Janelle showed me how to get the most out of my current wardrobe as I work in the new pieces and create a number of stunning outfits. I will continue to keep Janelle close by and recommend her to anyone needing expert advise as they change jobs, dress sizes, or just looking to elevate their style. Thanks Janelle”

KAREN KESSLER, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Professional Results Coach, and Partner at ChooseRESULTS

“I had the pleasure of being at presentations Janelle made at WWE (Women Who Excel) in Burlington and also at e-spot in Oakville. Janelle is an expert in her field, and has a passion for what she does. She is very professional, dresses the part and walks her talk. She exudes confidence, is engaging and has excellent rapport with her audience. Her beautiful smile makes everyone feel comfortable and eager to learn.”

MARISHKA GLYNNE, Speaker, Author and Intuitive Consultant, Xanadu Associates

“I’ve worked with Janelle many times, and I would certainly recommend her – not only for her wide knowledge-base in fashion wholesale and retail – but also for her professionalism and pleasant demeanour. Janelle knows her craft inside and out. I’ve seen her in action with clients and am inspired by her intuitive ability to focus on their needs and connect on a deeper level. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

CHERYL SANTA MARIA, News Writer / Web Journalist at The Weather Network

“Janelle creates image perfection with the right colours and styling for each of her clients. Her sensitivity and attention to detail are the winning combination for helping to create real images of real people. No fluffy fashion speak out of Janelle. She combines her corporate background, fashion design experience and excellent stylist eye to give your professional image the polish it needs.

LAURINDA SHIRE, Owner, Laurinda Shire Photography

“Janelle has excellent knowledge of small details that make a world of difference.”

JAN WEIR, Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

“Janelle’s warm personality and strong intuition combined with her keen intellect and knowledge of professional presentation made her an invaluable member of the Mississauga Networking Group. As a group of entrepreneurs, we all learned week after week through Janelle’s example on how to effectively present ourselves and our businesses. The referrals which I gave Janelle were met with excellent client service! Again and again, my contacts thanked me for introducing them to Janelle’s image consulting services. One particular husband/wife referral expressed how Janelle went above and beyond to make sure she met their expectations. Janelle is extremely talented (beyond fashion) and I continue to refer her.”

JACKIE CONNOLLY, CDECA, RESA, Interior Decorator at Parsons Interiors

“Janelle’s consultation and assisted shopping made my wardrobe selection a pleasant and educational experience. She communicates her intuitive understanding of fashion and flattering styles with kind and focused words. Working with Janelle is a must, particularly for young women establishing a new company and image. Thank you Janelle!”

ANNELIES F., Communications Industry

“I have had the pleasure of working with Janelle Long as part of the “Professionally Appointed Image” service she offers. Janelle works with a photographer and writer to develop a set of photographs and a biography for business use. Janelle selected appropriate attire from my wardrobe, then we met later with the photographer. Together they worked to produce a set of outstanding photographs for a variety of business scenarios. I was impressed with the way Janelle zeroed in on my personality type, and picked clothing to enhance that style. She was relaxed, friendly and diplomatic as she directed me towards the optimal “look”. At all times I felt I was in the hands of an expert, and the end result were photographs that expressed the essential “me”. I would definitely recommend Janelle to anyone looking to elevate their on-line or real life presence.

RHONA TURNER, TURNERound Enterprises

“Janelle provide some great image consulting assistance. She is very up to date with current trends and a fantastic help in choosing a wardrobe to help me look my best. This is especially important after baby #2 – thanks Janelle!”

LAURIE ROSELAND-BARNES, Sales Director Business Productivity at Microsoft Corporation

“Janelle took me out of my usual comfort zone when it come to fashion and style – elevating my typical Canadian classic wardrobe by selecting pieces I wouldn’t usually consider. She also showed me new brands and retailers at a variety of price points. I now have a few more elements in my “modules” that bring out my creative self.”

ALISON HODD, Owner, Catherine Alison Interiors, Professional Residential Designer & Certified Adult Educator

“Janelle took great care to truly understand the professional image I wished to project. She expertly orchestrated all of the elements necessary to create my image in a professional and timely manner with warmth and friendliness. She provided a service above and beyond my expectations.”

CAROLYN BLACK, Interior Decorator

“Janelle, such a pleasure to cross paths with you and your business! You opened my eyes wider, confirmed my intuitions and the expert retail therapy was time savings and such a positive experience. Let’s do it again next season!”

CLAUDIA MISERA, Refinery Services Coordinator, Suncor Energy

“Janelle was invited to be a guest speaker at our Ernst & Young Professional Women’s Network event presenting the topic of Professional Presence in the workplace. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, professional and organized at all times. During the presentation, she spoke to the topic with poise and confidence, drawing on her corporate work experience to relate to the audience and establish a connection. The “looks” she styled for EY volunteer models suited a variety of work related occasions, and reflected the unique personalities of the models. Janelle stressed the importance of not only dressing appropriately for the office but also using clothing to reflect your personality and authentic self. After the presentation, she was sought out by guests of the event for her professional opinion on selecting flattering colours and styles – a testament to her knowledge and expertise of the topic. Our event was a great success, and I wish to thank Janelle for her contribution!”

LISA VENTOLA, CA, Senior Consultant, Advisory Services at Ernst & Young

“I have participated in one of Janelle’s group sessions (360 Image Makeover) as well as one-on-one personal shopping. In both instances, the atmosphere was professional, fun, and very efficient! I have a total understanding now of what suits me, and how to prioritize my wardrobe purchases (and purges!) going forward. She has an art for making people at ease regardless of their own perceived flaws, and works to bring out the best in everyone. I would highly recommend her services.”

JULIE BLACKWELL, Director at Stella & Dot

“We have requested that Janelle co-host several events with us at Allegra Organic Spa in the past few years. Janelle is always a pleasure to work with. She is professional, engaging, and has a good sense of humour. She is extremely knowledgeable of current trends, but also focuses on strategies and techniques that bring her clients’ unique beauty, personality and style to center stage. She tailors her sessions to each individual and our clients always leave smiling!”

ROSANNA CONTEDUCA, Owner at Allegro Organic Spa & Boutique

“I brought Janelle in as a guest speaker for work that I’m doing at Humber College. She spoke to a group of Internationally Educated Engineers, who have recently immigrated to Canada, about the importance of making positive first impressions at Interviews, Networking events, within new workplaces. The focus of her talk was on the ABCs (Appearance, Body Language and Communication). She was very well received by the group, had great expert tips and experiences to share and she took ample time to answer the groups’ questions. She even stayed for longer to answer personal questions with individuals one-on-one. I would not hesitate to use Janelle’s services again in the future.”

LYNDA JACKSON, BA, CHRP, Human Resources Consultant, Employment Advisor

“Janelle brings her creativity, intuition and gentle personality into her work. She knows her trade well and transforms this information for her clients based on their needs. I recommend her services HIGHLY!”

DR. WENDY SMITH, Chiropractor & Acupunce Provider at PhysioRemedy

“Janelle is super organized which saved us time and money. She gets to know her clients really well, and picks out clothes that suit each individual. She gives advice and provides resources to put together your whole look. Janelle takes the time to make sure not a single detail is missed. I would use Janelle’s services again in the future.”

RAHNEIDA PURCELL, Owner/Director of Little Feet Big Dreams Child Care Centre AND ANDREW PURCELL, Portfolio Manager, Banking Platform Program at Suncorp

“I am a big believer in hiring experts to do jobs that I don’t do very well. Janelle Long at Janelle Long Image Management was just what I needed. I was looking for advice to help me with my clothing style and she steered me in the right direction by educating me on which colours and clothes are most appropriate for me. By doing so I have already saved myself so much money by focusing on purchasing clothes that suit me. Everyone wears clothes, but not everyone is knowledgeable about what clothes suit them best. I highly recommend Janelle as she can help you look your best. It’s worth the investment and pays off in the long run.”

KERRIE MUSCHALLA, Regional Manager, International Sales at Iovate Health Sciences