Janelle Long

Why manage your image

Within seconds of meeting someone, you are evaluated. They observe your clothing, mannerisms, body language. And they make judgements. Your visual and behavioural appearance is your first and most important impression. Everything else follows.

Yet very few people are aware of the image they present to the world, let alone do they manage their image like they would any other valuable asset. This is where we come in.

We can help you look your best. Feel confident. Get noticed. Get that job. Look more professional. Simplify your wardrobe. But most of all, be comfortable in your own skin.


Who we are

Janelle Long, Principal and Lead Consultant of Janelle Long Image Management, combines her unique understanding of the psychology of image, breadth of experience across the fashion industry, and depth of experience in the business world, to provide a rare and invaluable perspective on image management that delivers results. Period.

After receiving her Honours Ivey Business Administration and Masters of Accounting degrees, Janelle transitioned from the world of high stakes business to high style fashion, finishing at the top of her class in Honours Fashion Design, and working with several leading international menswear, womenswear and accessories companies.

Janelle’s approach to image management is equal parts artistic and professional. But most importantly, Janelle believes one’s image must be based on their true authentic self. Rather than follow the latest fads, Janelle works carefully and methodically on the individual needs of her clients. To bring their own unique beauty, personality and style to center stage, and present them at their very best. An investment well worth making.


How we work

Our unique process is highly effective, and highly individualized. We start with a thorough understanding of who you are, and what you are trying to accomplish.

With a variety of analysis tools, we first articulate your own unique identity. Then we craft your ideal authentic image, incorporating elements of your identity (your particular colours, features, style, personality, etc.) into a wardrobe that makes absolute perfect sense for your personal needs and professional goals, as well as your budget. We find what works in your current wardrobe, and what additional pieces you need in a painless personal shopping experience. And we help you organize and manage your wardrobe going forward, so that you never have to struggle with finding what to wear again.


Where to start

Your first step is to contact us to assess your particular situation and goals, and to help you choose which of our image management services best fit your needs.