Having been recruited by Ernst & Young from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Janelle Long has walked a mile in your students’ shoes.

Now she brings her wealth of Bay Street experience, combined with her 15 year career in the fashion industry, to give your graduates the extra confidence and edge they need in their recruitment process.

Whether for business, engineering, law, or fine arts graduates, our 3-step program is custom tailored to each profession, and includes the following invaluable sessions…



You got the grades. And the interview. Now get the job, with a polished professional image

Session highlights include:

  • The psychology, importance and impact of image
  • Projecting a polished professional presence
  • Making the right first impression in your interview
  • Corporate, professional, and business casual dress
  • Garment fit, function and finishing touches
  • Workplace-appropriate personal style
  • Building a wardrobe on a budget

Networking has become such a large part of career development in today’s social media age, that knowing how to network is a make-or-break skill. But a teachable one.

“Networking in Person” session highlights include:

  • Approaching individuals and groups
  • Making proper introductions
  • Greetings, handshakes, names and titles
  • Exchanging business cards
  • Tactful exits from conversations
  • Self-promotion vs. relationship building
  • Conversation tips and gaffes
  • Being in the moment, listening and responding genuinely

“Networking Online” session highlights include:

  • Creating a professional online presence
  • Leveraging LinkedIn: From introduction to lasting connection
  • The blurred line between personal and professional networks

“Janelle delivered a program for our second year law students who were about to participate in an intensive week of interviews for second year summer and articling jobs. She did a wonderful job of focusing on how to dress for interviews with legal employers (the height of conservatism), but also reviewed how to dress professionally in less formal environments. Her message made it clear that it is possible to be professional while allowing one’s personality to shine through.  Her talk was extremely well organized, well delivered, well-illustrated and equally accessible to male and female students. Students left the program with the information and confidence they needed to dress appropriately for their interviews and embark on their careers.”

EMILY ORCHARD, Director, Career Development Office, UofT Faulty of Law

Interviewing and networking often takes place over lunch, dinner or cocktails. Knowing the ins and outs of dining etiquette will help free your mind to focus on the opportunity.

Session highlights include:

  • The Cocktail Party – Arrival time, introductions, titles, handshakes, body language, ordering drinks, hor d’oeuvres etiquette, mingling, entering and exiting conversations, acceptable conversation topics, transition to dinner
  • The Lunch or Dinner Event – Where to sit, posture at the table, proper use of napkin, dinnerware, flatware and glassware, ordering and consuming food and drink, manners with servers, when to start eating, passing food at the table, hard to handle foods, when to leave the event, thanking the host

“I brought Janelle in as a guest speaker for work that I’m doing at Humber College. She spoke to a group of Internationally Educated Engineers, who have recently immigrated to Canada, about the importance of making positive first impressions at Interviews, Networking events, within new workplaces. The focus of her talk was on the ABCs (Appearance, Body Language and Communication). She was very well received by the group, had great expert tips and experiences to share and took ample time to answer the groups’ questions. She even stayed longer to answer questions with individuals one-on-one. I would not hesitate to use Janelle’s services again in the future.” 

LYNDA JACKSON, BA, CHRP, Human Resources Consultant, Employment Advisor


Where to start

The first step is to have your Career Development Department contact us to assess your program’s needs, so we can build your ideal image management seminar.