Conquered Closet Confessions

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Wardrobe Stylist Toronto

The Save Me From My Closet process is not only highly effective; it is also liberating, and empowering.  At the end of what can sometimes be a lengthy and tiring process (although I do my best to keep things fun and light-hearted!), the client is left with a nicely organized closet filled only with the pieces which support their image and style goals for success in all key life areas.

Here are the BEFORE confessions of a wardrobe audit client, in her own words.

 1. The obvious problem: I have way too much stuff. Way too much black stuff.

2. I hold on to items that I think might fit again someday.

3. My closet is beyond full yet I feel like I have nothing to wear.

4. I’m not sure what my style is any more.

5. I constantly have ‘organize’ on my ‘to do’ list and it’s draining.

 Sound remotely familiar?

Let me help you create a highly functional and usable wardrobe that is efficient, de-cluttered, and makes it easy for you to find clothes you really like and actually want to wear.

 Here are the AFTER confessions and results:

 “I love my new closet.”

 1. My closet has found peace and I’m relieved of that constant feeling that ‘I need to organize!’

2. It’s awesome knowing that everything in my closet fits and suits me. Me NOW, not a few years ago or what I want to be again, or don’t even want to be but holding onto for some unknown reason.  Since clearing the clutter from my closet I’ve committed to a plan to reach my desired weight and health goals. The fact that I could no longer hide behind my long black clothes pushed me to do something about what was really holding me back from facing my closet.

3. Maintaining my closet is far easier now that everything has a place and space to breath!

4. I now know what colours suit me and what clothes fit best which will making shopping WAY more efficient and focused!

5. I’ve rediscovered my style and look forward to deciding what to wear…like the old days!

Don’t start each day staring into a dismal mess of chaotic style choices, past lives, and ill-fitting clothes that do nothing to enhance your personal image and unique beauty. Share your wardrobe confessions and commit to clothing yourself in the right styles, fabrics and colours that suit YOU!

Written by Janelle Long of Janelle Long Image Management.