Fictional Characters That Became Fashion Icons

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The world of fiction is filled with characters that have influenced fashion on a global scale. This is because in fiction, fashion can be a powerful storytelling device. Any fan of Scandal can confirm this. Olivia Pope’s striking outfits have … Read More

5 Reasons to Hire Janelle Long Image Consulting

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In this era of “Me, Inc.” and “The Brand Called You,” we spend a significant amount of time strategizing our career moves while polishing our online profiles and company bios. We sharpen our communication and presentation skills and we keep … Read More

Image Consultant vs Fashion Stylist

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I’ve been called an image expert, a fashion stylist, a wardrobe magician and a professional presence coach. All apply. But there are distinct differences between my career as an image consultant and my work as a fashion stylist, right from … Read More

On Wearing Black

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Black. Boring or classic? Flattering or draining? Drab or demure? Having told a few clients (with closets full of the colour) that black doesn’t suit them, here’s my stance on the colour. Black suits in the workplace denote a formality and strong … Read More

Fashion Landscape

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Where do you fit in the fashion stylescape…err landscape? Fashionista She’s all about what’s ‘in style’ NOW! The colour, style or fabric may not suit her, but the prestige certainly does. She likes to keep her money wear she can … Read More

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