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Your online image is worth investing in.

Whether it’s your corporate website bio, your Linked-In profile, your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, or all of the above, your personal, professional or corporate online “brand” is often the very first impression of you that your clients experience.

More than ever, people are taking to social media to market their business, advance their careers, even find their true love. It’s a big change from the traditional hand-shakes and face-to-face meetings of the past.

Your online profile photo and write-up is the window through which the world sees you. Does it establish instant credibility? Does it connect with your intended audiences, clients and markets? Or, have you haphazardly cut yourself out of a group photo, or had a friend snap a quick shot of you, which sends the messages of “lazy”, “unprofessional” and “underwhelming”?

Is your profile photo current? Does it bear likeness to your everyday look? Would someone recognize you instantly in person after meeting you online first? Does it project the level of professionalism you’d want for what is essentially a first impression in many cases?

What’s the big deal,” you ask?

If you’re a successful professional, hoping to be one, or wanting to attract your soul mate, your personal brand is your ticket to the dance. A polished, trusted and professional image will not only open the doors wide for you, it will whisk you ahead of your competition, towards the life / job / partner of your dreams.

These days, it seems we’re in front of screens more often than people, but relationship and business building, whether in person or online, is still conducted between people.

Like I shared last week, “It’s not just business, it’s personal”.  Well, the line between business and personal is the thinnest in the social media realm. Your online presence is therefore crucial, no matter your professional title, business arena, age or technological level. Everyone has a personal brand – and it’s critical that you manage it, or have it professionally managed.

For a polished online image that presents you and/or your business at your very best, contact Janelle Long Image Management. We work with a select group of leading photographers, hair & make-up artists and writers to professionally and creatively craft your perfect online presence. Invest in your most valuable asset – you!

Written by Janelle Long of Janelle Long Image Management.