Fictional Characters That Became Fashion Icons

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The world of fiction is filled with characters that have influenced fashion on a global scale. This is because in fiction, fashion can be a powerful storytelling device. Any fan of Scandal can confirm this. Olivia Pope’s striking outfits have … Read More

5 Reasons to Hire Janelle Long Image Consulting

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In this era of “Me, Inc.” and “The Brand Called You,” we spend a significant amount of time strategizing our career moves while polishing our online profiles and company bios. We sharpen our communication and presentation skills and we keep … Read More

Perception Is Reality

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You’ve seen it. You’ve heard it. You’ve read it. You’ve said it. What does it really mean? Perception is reality means that what people perceive is what they believe. And, what they perceive is based first and foremost on what … Read More

Making Introductions

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Ever wonder who to introduce to whom? Is there etiquette to introductions?  Or does it even matter? There is a social code, but it is NOT commonly followed. Stand out from the crowd by knowing how to properly introduce people … Read More

Professional Online Image

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Your online image is worth investing in. Whether it’s your corporate website bio, your Linked-In profile, your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, or all of the above, your personal, professional or corporate online “brand” is often the very … Read More

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