On Wearing Black

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Black. Boring or classic? Flattering or draining? Drab or demure? Having told a few clients (with closets full of the colour) that black doesn’t suit them, here’s my stance on the colour. Black suits in the workplace denote a formality and strong … Read More

First Impressions

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Within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated… even if it is just a glance. People appraise your visual and behavioural appearance from head to toe. They observe your demeanour, mannerisms, and body language and even … Read More

Networking Not Working?

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  Over the last six months, I’ve slowly reduced my prolific networking activities to none. Why? It wasn’t feeling truly productive. I was leaving events exhausted instead of charged up. I was feeling jaded about networking altogether. Recently, I returned to the … Read More

It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal.

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My first career in accounting at a top international firm was instrumental in shaping the perspective, experience and value that I’m able to bring to my corporate image clients today. Corporations are notoriously perceived as these cold, stodgy environments devoid of personality … Read More

Zombie Preparedness

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In honour of the 2nd half kick-off of The Walking Dead: Season 3, here is a guide on what not to wear for the inevitable arrival of the zombie apocalypse. The mindless undead with their hunger for human flesh will … Read More

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