5 Reasons to Hire Janelle Long Image Consulting

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In this era of “Me, Inc.” and “The Brand Called You,” we spend a significant amount of time strategizing our career moves while polishing our online profiles and company bios. We sharpen our communication and presentation skills and we keep … Read More

Making Introductions

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Ever wonder who to introduce to whom? Is there etiquette to introductions?  Or does it even matter? There is a social code, but it is NOT commonly followed. Stand out from the crowd by knowing how to properly introduce people … Read More

Professional Online Image

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Your online image is worth investing in. Whether it’s your corporate website bio, your Linked-In profile, your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, or all of the above, your personal, professional or corporate online “brand” is often the very … Read More

Image Consultant vs Fashion Stylist

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I’ve been called an image expert, a fashion stylist, a wardrobe magician and a professional presence coach. All apply. But there are distinct differences between my career as an image consultant and my work as a fashion stylist, right from … Read More

On Wearing Black

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Black. Boring or classic? Flattering or draining? Drab or demure? Having told a few clients (with closets full of the colour) that black doesn’t suit them, here’s my stance on the colour. Black suits in the workplace denote a formality and strong … Read More

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