5 Reasons to Hire Janelle Long Image Consulting

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Executive Image Consultant Toronto Janelle Long

In this era of “Me, Inc.” and “The Brand Called You,” we spend a significant amount of time strategizing our career moves while polishing our online profiles and company bios. We sharpen our communication and presentation skills and we keep our credentials up-to-date.

But what about the VISUAL message we send daily to each and every single person we cross paths with?

Janelle Long, Executive Image Consultant, gives you the edge in your industry by helping you invest in your most important asset:  HOW THE WORLD PERCEIVES YOU! 

# 1.           OBJECTIVITY

I provide an objective, honest, expert opinion on how you are perceived. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what image you project? People do business with others they like and trust – simple as that. I will help you build a personal presence that people know, like and trust, based on your authentic self.

“Janelle has a unique blend of straight talk and diplomacy. This is incredibly important as we hire an image consultant to be objective and see us with an expert eye – and she does.” ~ S. MCINTOSH, Senior V.P. at TELUS Communications

# 2.           STYLE

You are an aspiring expert in your field, but perhaps the outer packaging isn’t quite as current, polished or representative of the position you have, or the one you want. You can express yourself verbally with ease, but perhaps what you communicate visually needs work. I will bring out your own unique style so what the world sees is a cohesive, authentic message.

“Janelle took the importance of my job and the level of professionalism I need to maintain and added my unique personality perfectly.” ~ IAN GALLAGHER, Head of IT Americas at GlencoreXstrata

# 3.           EFFICIENCY

A closet full of mismatched clothes that are all wrong for you is simply a whole lot of wasted time and money. I will show you how to build a wardrobe that becomes an investment. Allow me to expertly and effortlessly lead you through the retail jungle in record time and with multiple coordinated outfits from which to choose. What might take you years to build in your wardrobe, we can accomplish in a day.

“Janelle took me on the most efficient shopping excursion I have ever experienced and guided me to the right decisions expertly. Janelle selected clothing for me to try that I would never have taken off the rack and they ended up being the pieces that I look good in and, more importantly, feel great in.” ~ FIONA ANTHES, Senior Manager at AB SCIEX

# 4.           CONFIDENCE

Confidence comes with knowing that you look your absolute best, and that you are equipped to handle any situation with ease, radiating charisma and poise. Clothing and appearance are your most powerful non-verbal communication tools. I will help you experience that sense of quiet confidence from looking sharp every day.

“In one short week I went from having a boring uncomfortable wardrobe to being the only person noticed in the room.  I am now excited to pick out what to wear in the morning and always feel confident in my presentation.” ~ J. S., LL.B, J.D., Sweatman Law Firm

# 5.           PROSPERITY

Image often speaks louder than performance, a fact that is well documented. The world rewards attractive people, and attractive people get more positive attention, respect and earn more money. But the thing is, everyone has a natural beauty all their own. Let me show you how to bring out your best attributes, and I will help you maximize the rewards that your performance deserves.

 “I wish I had hired her years before. If I had, I would have saved a lot of money by not buying clothes that admittedly never felt right, yet I never knew why, until meeting Janelle. Her services are worth the investment. Not only did I get great wardrobe advice, she also gave me invaluable image input, specific to me.” ~P.W., City of Mississauga

Contact Janelle Long Image Management if you are looking for an objective opinion on your current image, and expert assistance to bring out your own unique style with an efficient process that fills you with confidence and leads you to prosperity, both personally and professionally.

Janelle Long’s executive presence training can help get you hired, promoted, or step up your game, by showing the world who you are at your very best!